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"Mistake 2019" (Ошибка 2019) is a manga that tells the story of Kana and Arya, two high school students who accidentally witness something they should not have seen while preparing for a school math competition. They catch their classmate Melinda and the school director's son, Nico, having an intimate encounter in the library. In retaliation, the director's son releases a viral video with a caption suggesting that the couple in the video are actually Arya and Kana. This scandalous video causes a public uproar, and under pressure from their parents and society, Kana and Arya are forced to marry in order to save their reputations. As a result, they must adapt to their new lives as a married couple and learn to love each other. The plot of "Mistake 2019" revolves around the unconventional circumstances that bring Kana and Arya together. Initially, they are both victims of the director's son's revenge, but as they navigate their forced marriage, they gradually develop feelings for each other. The story explores the challenges they face as they try to understand each other, adjust to their new roles, and ultimately fall in love. One of the main themes in this manga is the importance of communication and understanding in relationships. Kana and Arya are initially thrown into a marriage without knowing much about each other. Through various trials and experiences, they learn to communicate openly, share their fears and insecurities, and support each other. Another theme explored in "Mistake 2019" is the pressure and expectations imposed by society and parents. Kana and Arya are forced into a marriage they did not choose, and their struggle to balance societal expectations with their own desires forms a significant part of the plot. The manga delves into the impact societal pressure can have on individuals and emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself. The artwork in "Mistake 2019" is visually engaging, capturing the emotions of the characters and the dynamics of their relationships. The character designs are distinctive, and the expressions effectively convey the characters' feelings, adding depth to the story. Overall, "Mistake 2019" is a captivating manga that explores themes of love, communication, and societal pressure. The story follows Kana and Arya as they navigate their unconventional circumstances, discovering the true meaning of love and the importance of staying true to oneself. If you enjoy romantic dramas with compelling character development, this manga is worth a read.

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